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Onion nursery seed bed preparation

On Saturday 11th September 2021, @oniondoctor and I went up to Kitani Farm 1 to plant our onion seeds for Feb/March 2021 season.

My team started by preparing raised seed beds. These were at-least 1m wide between beds. After raising them, the team broke up the large soil blocks and leveled the surface with the back of their hoes.

Preparing raised seed bed

Next, they poured well aged goat manure on-top of the raised seed beds using a rake to ensure it was evenly mixed. The rake is great for air rating the soil as well as it allows them to remove the small rocks that are plentiful on the farm.

Manure application

Once the raking was done, they created small furrows along the beds that would be used to hold our seeds before burying them.

Pouring seeds

Finally, we covered our seed beds with sisal bags and watered them. They should germinate within 7-10 days and be transplanted to their growing beds in about1.5 months.

Sisal bags on seedbeds


Have a great week.