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Introducing Our Kienyeji Chicken: A Sustainable Farm-to-Fork Delight Cultivated through Climate-Smart Agriculture

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates tradition, flavor, and sustainability. Our Kienyeji Chicken is a testament to responsible agriculture, offering chefs a delicious canvas rooted in climate-smart principles. Sourced from Masinga, Machakos County, this free-range, locally-grown poultry embodies the values of sustainability, farm-to-fork excellence, and climate-resilient practices – perfect for the discerning chef who treasures the environment as much as culinary artistry.

The Essence of Sustainability: Our Kienyeji Chickens are raised with utmost care and attention to eco-friendliness. Grounded in sustainable farming practices, we prioritize organic feed, limited antibiotic use, and low-waste production. When you choose our Kienyeji Chicken, you’re promoting sustainability in agriculture and contributing to the preservation of our natural resources.

Farm-to-Fork Excellence: Our chickens are raised in a stress-free environment where they can roam freely and forage naturally. This results in meat that’s lean, flavorful, and free from artificial additives. We ensure that our birds are never exposed to hormones, ensuring that the flavors that grace your plate are pure and unadulterated. Your farm-to-fork journey begins with our Kienyeji Chicken – a testament to the quality and authenticity of your culinary creations.

Climate-Smart Agriculture: At the core of our approach lies climate-smart agriculture. We embrace practices that enhance resilience to climate change, including efficient water usage and minimal carbon emissions. By choosing our Kienyeji Chicken, you’re not just savoring the taste of tradition; you’re also supporting a more sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural future.

The Culinary Experience: Our Kienyeji Chicken offers chefs a unique opportunity to elevate their culinary creations. With its succulent, full-flavored meat and distinctive texture, it’s the ideal ingredient for a wide range of dishes, from hearty stews to flavorful grills. Each bite is a reminder of the heritage and taste of local, free-range chicken, bringing a unique and authentic dimension to your culinary repertoire.

Commit to Excellence: We invite you to embrace tradition, flavor, and sustainability with our Kienyeji Chicken. Your choice goes beyond a memorable culinary experience; it’s a pledge to support environmentally responsible and delicious food production. Join us in savoring the flavors and values that define our Kienyeji Chicken, and take a step towards a more sustainable and responsible culinary world.

Elevate your culinary creations with the authentic taste of our Kienyeji Chicken. Discover the delicious intersection of tradition and sustainability, all within a single bite. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a commitment to excellence, values, and flavor.


The averge live weight of our chicken is 1.8Kgs.

Weight 1.8 kg


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